About Us

Sahar Industries is engaged in the manufacturing and export of dental and veterinary instruments since 1983. Over the years due to consistence policy and caring attitude Sahar Industries have been able to establish business relations with many enterprises in the world.

Situated in the triangle of industrial cities of the Punjab province in Pakistan, Sahar Industries is an independent unit owned and run by Mr. Zafar Iqbal Bhutta who himself is a renowned artisan and craftsman and takes all care of intricate and delicate points in the manufacturing of precision instruments.

Except for deburring, very essential handwork and polishing (when required, even this is done on vibratory polishing machine) all of the work is carried out on machines and proper jigs which ensures uniformity in Sahar Industries products over longer periods of time. The online checks further ensure that only products of finest quality roll out at the end.

The management is striving hard to attain an optimal level of quality and production to the satisfaction of the customers with the aim to emerge as a well recognized syringe manufacture in the international market. This is the very reason that ISO 9001:2000 certification has been acquired by the company.

Being the international market player we strictly comply with the moral standards and international laws and as a result no child labor is involved at any stage of the production process.

Sahar Industries specializes in manufacturing of dental syringes, amalgam guns and automatic vaccinating syringes for poultry and cattle and is capable to carry out work exactly according to the clients own specifications and designs. The management at Sahar Industries welcomes professional traders all over the world to contact and observe the difference of quality in dental and veterinary instruments.

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